Web Developer and Software Engineer Honolulu, HI

I build things

Web Design

Let’s work to boost your website performance! Rank higher for certain keywords, track advertising campaigns, make it more attractive, more resilient and more secure!


Let me build an attractive webstore in less than one day. Neat and clean presentation will help your sales and make your store more accessible to everyone.


I’ll build custom solutions to your unique problems. Reusable, documented code ensures your product can be worked on by multiple people. Relax and enjoy automation!


Improve your business processes, reduce overhead and eliminate human error. Save time and money with more effective solutions.

Google Apps Script

Save time and automate your workflow with AppScript. I can build custom solutions to workflows using Google products like Gmail, Spreadsheets, Docs, Drive, Analytics, Contacts, Calendar, Maps.

Inventory Automation

Does your price list change frequently without notification? Are you manually reconciling web and in-store inventory? I can automate these processes to reduce man hours and errors.

API Integrations

Integrate all the services in your software stack so that information flows automatically. Want your inventory management software to talk with your Big Commerce web-store? I can do that.

Security & Infrastructure

Are your personnel and software observing security best practices? Do you need to migrate or update your hardware? I can help with all of it.

I improve workflows through customized solutions and managed processes.

About Me

JC Connell

I have a knack for solving problems and improving processes. Whether you need help with hardware or software, I’ll bring more than 14 years of problem solving experience to the table.

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